dot grid

A technique for determining the area of features on air photos and maps by using dot grids. A transparent overlay with a grid-cell pattern is overlaid on the air photo. By counting the number of cells or dots that occur within a feature, it is possible to estimate its area, knowing the area for each dot or cell.
Dot grid. In this example, it is assumed that the dot grid overlay fits 9″ × 9″ size of an airphoto which has a representative fraction (RF) of 1/15840; that is, 1″ on an air-photo is equal to 15840″ on the ground. This scale can also be restated as 1″ = 1320′ or 1/4 mile. If 4 cells on the grid have a length of 1″ then 1 cell has a length of 1/4″; the area of cell is 330 ft.

Aviation dictionary. 2014.

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